072810_Sunny_0055After several years of being stagnant, lazy and eating crap in my mid 30s, I shed 35 lbs , while gaining a lot more muscle and a better outlook at life.  I also turned vegan in 2012, a HUGE change and one that I only wish I had made a lot earlier!  Realizing that being fit is a lifestyle, not a temporary diet, has helped me tremendously and I want to pay that forward to anyone who is looking to better their health or fitness level.  I hope to be able to inspire and motivate others to get in shape and eat healthier,  through learning more about the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. Through showing compassion towards all of my fellow beings, this is how I want to live my life; being kind, fit and fighting for it every day!  Because I currently work in the wine industry,  I have additional temptations and bumps on the road compared to other fitness people who are not involved in the food and wine industry. This is why I focus on diet a lot, after all – abs are made in the kitchen – and I want the food to be delicious and worth eating, and more importantly: cruelty free!

Follow me along as I provide healthy and tasty recipes that will aid you in achieving the body and health you want, along with some great workout tips along the way!



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