Happy New Year!

Although I’ve been less than vigilant posting on my blog this year, I wanted to wish my readers a wonderful new year to come and I hope 2013 brings you everything you have ever wanted! Remember.. work for it and it will arrive… slowly but surely!

I myself will start tomorrow, December 31st, back to working out 6 x a week with some additional cardio to shed a few pounds before getting into competition season. I have a couple of shows in mind for late June/July if finances will allow. I’ve been lucky to have met a wonderful bodybuilder at my gym who just turned pro and will help me with my diet as well as showing me around the ropes of the NPC, since that will be a new federation for me. She is amazing and you should check her out, her name is Rene Marven, click on the name and you will arrive at her website. She started as a figure competitor and has now moved into the bodybuilding division and is a great example of a positive, helpful and inspiring individual in this industry . With DLB still helping me with my training, I think it will be a great combination but most of all, I finally feel fired up and ready to go! This year has been a trial in all aspects of life, but I am tired of complaining and just want to kick some ass already! I remember a saying that goes “It takes just as much energy to wake up and be negative complaining as it does to be positive and keep going.” So what will be YOUR choice in 2013??

Hope you choose the latter.. as for me, I will focus on what I will GAIN from making changes, rather than what I have to GIVE UP. Having turned 40 (yes, I said it) this month, I feel like I have gotten a new start and my conditioning and shape has never been better so need to take that as a sure sign to just keep pushing that gas pedal!

Thanks for all your support this year, my readers – I look forward to hanging in there with you for another year… and year after that! Keep checking back for updates..Fight to be fit everyone!! xoxoxoxo


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