Knee Trouble

Well, this time I actually DO have a valid reason for not having blogged for a while.. About two weeks ago my knee finally gave in as I was just (boringly enough) bending down towards the floor attempting to pick something up and pop! there it went. After a painful trip to the ER (my poor husband driving me, after having returned home at midnight after a 14- hour shift at work) four days in serious pain on the couch and humping around on crutches for a week, I finally went to the doctor who told me most likely I have a lateral meniscus tear.  I say most likely, because I’m unlucky enough not to have insurance right now – my husband’s insurance (where I’m covered) does not kick in until July 1st, so I have to patiently wait until then to get an MRI done to see what’s really wrong, and if any procedures are necessary. Having had five knee surgeries in the past (the results of being a very active athlete as both a gymnast and volleyball player) I don’t have much positive experience with surgeries, they don’t seem to improve my status so I am going to try my best not to have anything done, rather try and rehabilitate myself.

What sucks is this just happened as I was in week one of contest prep for a show I had wanted to do in August. Now, most likely I will not compete this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit on the couch until next year. I will focus on upper body for now, and just do some light cardio for legs – I’m waiting for my new program from my coach, Dana Linn Bailey – who is aware of my situation and will help me get back on track. If nothing else, I will have a very well developed upper body by the time I decide to get back in the game!

So that was a little recap of how I’ve been doing. I feel like this year has been throwing me some really difficult tasks and life has been a bit harder than normal. Suppose that’s only to be expected sometimes, it only means I have to dig extra deep to find those positive thoughts and reasons to stay motivated. If it was supposed to be easy, where would the satisfaction come when you’re doing good?

On that note – I wish you all a lovely weekend and keep training hard – especially those legs – and I will live vicariously through you until I get back in the game! I’m fighting to be fit now!


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