New Routine

As the new year is chugging along, I thought I would share my new routine with you guys.  This was developed by my new coach, which is quite different from the one I had before my show.  Not as intense, however I’m easing back into things and I also believe that your workout is as hard as you make it. I like to train heavy, hard and intense – and I certainly work up a good sweat from this!

Monday:   Shoulders and abs

Tuesday:  Arms (biceps and triceps) and calves

Wednesday:  Chest and abs

Thursday:  Back and calves

Friday:  Legs (both hamstrings and quads)

Saturday: off

Sunday: Off or cardio

I won’t do cardio on leg day or the day after – but I do 45 minutes of cardio on the other days. This is usually done in the morning but I do it whenever I have time and feel like it. Of course the best is when you can do it at the optimal time, but I always think it’s better to get it done than not!  Here’s an example of my back /calves workout from yesterday:

1.     Shoulder width Pull downs to the front – 4 sets 10-12 reps
2.     Under hand bent over barbell 4 sets 10-12 reps
3.     1 arm dumbbell rows – 4 sets 10-12 reps
4.     Seated Cable Rows – 4 sets 12 reps
5.     Seated Calves –- 4 sets 10-12 reps
6.     Standing Calves – 4 sets 10 – 12 reps

The last set /reps I work until absolute failure, and I gradually add weight after each set.  If I can do all 12 reps, I will do a higher weight, so I perhaps fail at the 10th rep, etc. It’s about getting gradually stronger and I constantly will need to stimulate my muscles with more weight. It’s nice to feel strong again because I’m not dieting AS hard… but that said, I’m still on a very strict regimen with no dairy, no grains (only oatmeal in the morning) except 1/2 cup of sweet potato or brown rice (I always eat sweet potato, not a big rice eater) at lunch.

I love doing cardio these days (especially after it’s done) since I’ve got a few extra pounds from the holiday to get rid of and it works like magic!! It’s SO easy to take off weight if you just commit and do it! Today I did 25 minutes on the step mill (speed intervals) and 20 minutes on the cross trainer/eliptical machine, resistance and hill at highest level.   Can I just tell everyone how boring I think the stepmill is?? Here it is… the dreaded machine:

I prefer running outside, but I’m barred from running – the only cardio I”m supposed to do is the step mill and/or walking on the treadmill at 15% incline… sigh… I do “cheat” by doing other cardio sometimes, sorry coach! 🙂

Fight to be fit everyone – hope January is treating everyone well so far!!

2 thoughts on “New Routine

  1. Happy January to you Sunny!! I just finished reading another blog a few minutes ago and the article was about paying it forward at the gym… ( so I thought I’d say thanks for all of your hard work.

    I’m always reading the fitness articles and taking in the knowledge, but so often I wish I could come across someone serious about fitness who does what we do for a living and deals with all of the challenges that come with a nontraditional work day and being surrounded by fine foods and drink, and still gets it done. Well that’s you, for me!!

    While I’m not compelled to get into competition, I’m working towards my own fit and trim figure. I’ve tried out many of your food suggestions, and have found ways to cut down on how much damage constantly tasting food can have (if someone else is around, I let them do it, and have the smallest taste of the end result). AND, late fall I joined a gym and used some of my PRECIOUS dollars to hire a trainer who is really putting me through my paces- my shoulders are burned out as I write this!! 🙂 Together we are working towards a tight physique that works for my frame and I’m all about that. In someway I find that getting serious about fitness has really added another dimension to my life, making me more well rounded….

    Anyhoo, just wanted to share.

    ps What is your trainer’s recommended diet doing for your body?

    1. Hi Elizabeth! How sweet of you to post this, I really appreciate it! And I’m so happy you have found a trainer and going for your own fitness goals – yay!! I completely understand what you mean when you say that fitness is adding another dimension to your life, I feel the same way. In fact, I have small ambitions of making it my part time living as well… more to come about that soon!
      With regards to the question you had about my diet – it has been prescribed for me based on my goals. It’s important to note that each diet is different since we all have different visions and aims – mine is to gain muscle but right now, also to drop a few pounds. So I am doing a lot of cardio (well, at least for me) and at the same time digesting more carbs than usual, but mostly in supplements, which will help me shed fat but at the same time retain muscle. My first goal is to gain muscle – if that means I will be a little “fatter” than I like to be for a few weeks/months, so be it. I don’t like myself at the weight I am right now but I am STRONG at the gym, and I know that will be good for my shape once I start stripping down some fat. I am by no means a whale or anything – but just not as ripped as I was right around my show. And that;s ok – because I don’t want to live a lifestyle that I have to eat chicken for breakfast every day 🙂 Hope that answers your question – I will write more about how it is balancing my food and wine and fitness… It is a constant struggle!

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