Digging deep…

It is no secret that we don’t ALWAYS feel on top of the world and run to the gym with energy exuding from every bone in our body. There will be days when it’s simply tough, a mental and physical chore, but we do it anyway.  After all, it has become a habit, this going to the gym, working out, feeling the endorphins after a long run or the pump in your muscles after a great workout. It’s addictive. At the same time, taxing on your body, and you need to keep pushing and pushing and pushing…. I’m going through somewhat of a tough mental state now. For the past couple of weeks I’ve really had to FORCE myself to hit the gym, to go at it with all the gusto I usually do, be excited about each and every exercise, set and rep.  I am still motivated but the thought “I need a break” hits me regularly. I never did take time off after my show, which they say typically is good to do, but I jumped right back in it.  My coach has me on a SUPER strict diet right away, similar to the one I was on prepping for my show, which I’m sure is because I’ve gained a few pounds and I need to get back to normal, but it’s super hard this time of year.  The holidays is a mental thing for me – I always used to eat and drink excessively and give myself several excuses as to why I ‘deserved’ it. I hate when people say that too, as if I’m some special person that needs a treat to feel good. But, I also want to lead a normal life, and if that entails eating a cookie or two (or five?) in December, I won’t refuse that option. My biggest obstacle is my life in the wine and food industry, and particularly the first one – I LOVE wine! I would like to drink a bottle every night, if I could. Of course, we all know that is not synonymous with a ripped body!! Drinking alcohol also slows down your ability to metabolize fat, so it’s really a double “ouch”.

So what do I do in these instances? Take today for instance. I found no energy, enthusiasm or excitement in my exercises. I dug deep… thought about potential scenarios. I thought about all my fabulous fellow figure competitors and how hard they work for their amazing bodies. Their positive, “go get’em” attitudes and all around wonderful personalities that inspire me each and every day.  The mantra “somebody out there is working out harder than you” always comes to mind, and helps me, each and every time. I am, naturally, competitive by nature, which is why I probably got attracted to my current coach, who always tells me “I love winning.”  In my mind, I win every time I can manage a day filled with healthy activities: sticking to my diet, completing my workouts but not just completing them but KICKING ASS, taking my vitamins and remembering how lucky I am to be healthy enough to do what I do.

So what if I don’t feel super energized right now ?I am still going to the gym. I still tell myself each and every day I wake up:  “Today will be a good day, I will follow my plan. I will be grateful that I can do this, I am fortunate to be able to call myself a figure competitor. I love my healthy lifestyle and nothing will stop me!”

Have a great weekend everyone – fight to be fit, I am!!

2 thoughts on “Digging deep…

  1. Amazing writing, especially during this time of year. It is interesting for me to see that you may struggle sometimes as you are so strict with your diet and so good about your work outs and it is a reminder that we all go through it. Thank you for sharing your challenges, I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to do what you do and still work in your industry. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. Thank you so much, Maite – yes, of course I struggle sometimes, I am human! If we didn’t go through tough times, we wouldn’t appreciate the good times and the successes we achieve when we fight through the difficult periods… it won’t define me, but it’s good to acknowledge them! Hope all is well with you and I wish you a fabulous holiday season as well!

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