Back to work

So a week has passed and my body has had time to relax a bit. I have in fact felt tired – after all, the weeks leading up to my show was nuts, and I went through major changes in my body, schedule and life in general while adapting to my new “upped” workout regimen.  I have had time to reflect, think and consider my next move and I will have some exciting announcements coming soon with regards to the fitness side of my life, hopefully within the next week or so! So stay tuned…

In the mean time, how will YOU be spending Thanksgiving? I will be working (as usual) – catering a party for a dear client in the same town as I live in, so it will be work but in a nice way. I will avoid pigging out, although I’m not one of those ‘fundamentalists’ who says you have to watch your calories that strictly on big holidays such as this.  If you can limit yourself to just this ONE day where you eat and drink whatever you want (provided you are not in pre-contest mode, which, at this time of year, is probably less likely) I think it’s absolutely fine. Life is to be enjoyed, and sometimes yes, that means with bad foods, lol!  Be sure you get a workout of some kind in on the day, even if it’s just a long walk with your family, dog or by yourself. Even better – go for a run in the morning before all the festivities to rev up your metabolism and get a head start on the rest of the weekend, when you will definitely hit the gym, right?? 🙂

I for one, will be hitting it hard with both diet and training again starting tomorrow – which I will consider the first day of prep for my next show.  Happy Turkey day everyone!!

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