2nd place

Hi everyone! Back from the show with three trophies: 2nd place in both “Novice Tall” and “Open Figure Tall” divisions and 3rd place in “35+ Masters” (although I don’t count the latter one as there were only three competitors!). all in all I”m happy with the show but too tired to go into details tonight. I leave you with some photos instead… all taken by my husband with our iphone so apologies for the crappy quality and awful lighting!
I did have some pizza and ice cream and wine tonight but not as much as I’d hoped, my tummy striked and I need to take it easy. diet will be back on track next week and I’m ready to start kicking new butt and claim that 1st place for next season!! Happy Sunday all!

3 thoughts on “2nd place

  1. Damn girl- Check out that butt!! I’m so happy for you Sunny, and I look forward to your first place finish next year!! Congratulations to you (and Mark) for making it to the finish line!!!

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