Rest day

Sitting eating my breakfast (4 oz chicken w/10 spears of asparagus + 1/2 cup oatmeal) while pondering these last few weeks and months. It’s a very rewarding feeling to have come to this point, the day BEFORE show day, still feeling great and accomplished, and happy with the results of where my body is today. This is not to say I don’t think I have an area (or three) that needs improvement, let’s face it – there is always something that can become better, but I’m looking at the overall picture and this last, most recent part of my fitness journey.  While today will be more peaceful and rested, it will also be a tough day mentally; one, because I cannot drink very much water (only one quart of water, that includes the coffee I’m having right now… although I’m supposed to not have it, I just couldn’t have breakfast without it), neither can I chew gum or have any type of sweetener, two, I will have more time on my hands today so hope I don’t have TOO much time to “think”, get hungry, etc. and three, I will probably start developing some nerves as the day goes by.  On the plus side, I get to eat carbs, I get to hang out at home with my puppies which I have not had the opportunity to do very much these past weeks. I plan on finishing cooking my meals for tomorrow, packing, sowing up my suit (this is it, hopefully my body wont change too much from today until tomorrow!) and then off to tan in the afternoon.

It always amazes me how much time and effort goes into preparing for a show. I admire all fitness competitors for this reason. It’s a sacrifice, not only for yourself, but for all the other people in your life, who have to endure your mood swings, busy schedule, weird eating habits and not to mention monetary COST of doing these shows. Yet, nothing else I’ve done in life has made me feel so rewarded and fulfilled, and satisfied. Guess I’ve found my passion – next to food and wine, of course! Some combo, but I love it! Makes life more challenging, and never boring! Will post some updated pics from today later.  Enjoy your Friday everyone, I know I will!

One thought on “Rest day

  1. I will be thinking about you tomorrow Sunny; can’t wait to hear all about it!
    As always, thanks for the motivation!
    Rest well tonight!
    ~ Sally 🙂

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