Last update pics and ready for action!

Tanning is completed and I passed my polygraph (well, why wouldn’t I, lol) – mission for today accomplished, now it’s rest and I eat one more meal in about 1/2 hour (chicken w/asparagus and white rice) before I hit the sack. I have packed all my things pretty much, I get up at 5am tomorrow, pack my food as the last thing and head out the door to go get beautiful at my make-up artist’s Elise’s house before arriving at the Westchester County Center. It’s supposed to be quite a small show this time around, but a good one for me to do, as it’s important for me to feel comfortable this time around.  I feel only excitement, no big nerves, although I expect them to show up tomorrow as I enter the venue.  At least this time I have friends in the fellow competitors and it’s all a very positive vibe.

Here I am – last pictures taken before I got my tan on. I will post results after the weekend – I hope you all have a wonderful one and are training hard and eating right!!


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