Hello Carbs!

Today I started re-introducing carbs again into my diet, 2 days before the show. I’m eating 25g of carb with 4 of my 6 daily meals, and it’s either white rice, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes or rice cakes.  I am doing an experiment and trying each different carb with each meal to see if my body reacts differently to each one. This is to monitor the process, and select the carb I get the best outcome from. After each meal, I wait 20-30 min and take a picture. Here’s one after sweet potatoes – taken while I was getting my hair done at the salon – excuse the Superman cape and weird hairdo, lol!

Here’s me, in a MUCH different lighting where I almost look pale (and believe me, today I’m not, just had my last spray tan this afternoon before my pro tan tomorrow night) – you can’t even see, but veins are popping both in arms and tummy/groin area, so thus far I’m leaning towards rice cakes as my carb load of choice!


And one more:

For my next meal, I’m having russet potatoes – this is so much more fun that the earlier part of the week! I’m getting thirsty just thinking about the next two days though, only a quarter gallon of water tomorrow and NADA on Saturday, hello dry tongue!


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