My suit!

My suit finally arrived from Tamee (TMarie Suits) yesterday and I absolutely love it! The quality is much better than any other suit I’ve seen, plus the top is perfect for someone with a NON EXISTING Chest (smaller than an A-cup, believe me!) like myself. I love the color and it fits me perfectly, which I was a little worried about. I will wait to sow on the hooks until Thursday or Friday, I have lost SEVEN POUNDS in water weight since I stopped sodium, I can’t believe it! I know as a chef I season my food heavily but I had no idea I retain this much water on a regular basis!  Anyway, what I relive my body of in sodium I make up for in caffeine – tomorrow I stop my sweeteners (Stevia, chewing gum, etc.) so not sure what to do with myself these last three days, but I will survive on tea and water and my regular meals I guess. I’m adding in one red meat because I’m losing weight so fast, so will try to keep steady these last few days.

Here’s a picture of my suit!!

2 thoughts on “My suit!

  1. Love the suit Sunny!! So sparkly and glittery, and teeny tiny- it’s a good thing you’ve been working out!! 🙂

    Now tell me, I understand the impact sodium has on the body, but not the sweeteners. Will removing those adjust your figure in some way?

    There’s only a few more days of non- jazzy food, which is such a small price to pay for a banging stage body! Sorry you’re not competing closer so that I can cheer you on in person, but I’ll be cheering you on in spirit.

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Glad to hear you like my suit! 🙂 Artificial sweeteners are not absorbed by the body, and it will take them about 24 hours to leave the GI and I don’t want them staying in the GI as a solute and potentially drawing fluid. This is knit-picking of course and nothing the average person should be too concerned with, but for someone who is monitoring fluids as closely as I am, it can have an impact. Thanks for your support, wish you could come too, but I understand it’s quite a hike for you! 🙂

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