Time to get glammed up!

Today I’m off to my first “Glam Camp” – a 2-hour course given by the fabulous lady who will do both my tanning, hair and make up for my show next weekend, Elise Firestone.  I was lucky enough to be referred to her last year by my old posing coach, and I was super happy with everything, especially my tan, as I wasn’t looking “orange” like a lot of the other girls (all things considered!). She is also very helpful with everything throughout the day of the show, and it’s an extra source of support I really appreciate when you’re running around, not completely comfortable with your surroundings. Today we will do a full dress rehearsals, complete with our suits (although I have yet to receive mine, should be arriving from T Marie Suits tomorrow!), heels, jewelry and music.  I have a really hot mix that was done by a friend of a friend, DJ Lil Ray, here in NY – a mix of Biggie, 2Pac, Method Man and Snoop – yeah!! I got it especially  made for the show, and am very excited to show it off and prance around to it 🙂  We will also work on posing, our T-walk and get tips on everything else related to the “beauty” part of the contest (Which I discovered last year – is almost as important as the physique part – believe it or not!).

The glam part is probably my weakest part – I’m probably not the biggest “girlie girl”, although I love to look nice, get my nails and hair done, etc. but I rarely do it due to the line of business I’m in. Chopping onions, baking and lugging around heavy equipment on a daily basis is not exactly conducive to long nails, but it’s nice to get them done every so often. Then again, I really want to focus on building and shaping my body, and sometimes don’t see the relevance of having “gorgeous hair”, but that comes with the territory and I’m ok with it. Well, that said – I’m off to the gym to see if I can get some cardio and abs in before showering and headed down to meet the other glamorous girls! Have a great Sunday everyone!

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