The importance of a good coach

These past few weeks have been life changing for me when it comes to my fitness. Finally, after having tried several coaches and online services, I met someone I jive with, someone I look up to in every way possible when it comes to the area of bodybuilding: Dana Linn Bailey.  She trains hard, heavy and a lot – just the way I like it. But more importantly, she really seems to care about me, and especially these last couple of weeks,  she has been by my side every single day, through text messages, email and even the phone when I need her. I so appreciate that, because I know she’s an extremely busy individual – not only does she have a huge fan base with tons of other clients, and is training herself for the next IFBB Physique show (she won in her division at the first ever physique show earlier this year), but she also has a full time job – that woman is a miracle worker! Never have I felt that supported and inspired, and I really have to pay tribute to her and thank her, otherwise my journey would have been entirely different this time around.

While you may think you can do it on your own, having a coach is invaluable when it comes to pushing yourself and making progress. Even the greats in this industry, such as Nicole Wilkins and Ava Cowan, have coaches they rely on for both their training and diet. Last time I did the show, I did it all on my own, with the exception of help with my diet (I followed the Fighter Diet, by Pauline Nordin), and while I was happy with my progress then as well, I really have taken it a step further this time around. This time I can truly and honestly say, no matter how I place next weekend, I have already won. I feel great about the improvements I see in my physique – realizing nothing happens overnight, and changes are gradual. I see this as a journey, not a destination – and it’s exciting to wake up every day and have the possibility to improve, to get even better, stronger, more sculpted than yesterday. That is what makes weightlifting so rewarding – you can always improve, it never ends – it’s an ongoing quest for “the next step”. I’ve always needed challenges in my life no matter what area it is, I get bored easily but I am also tenacious and patient when need be. More than ever, I see that STICKING WITH IT is the important part – not giving up, not getting frustrated when you don’t see any significant progress, but believing in the process. I will write more about this later, but just wanted to post my love for Dana (haha) and expressing my own experience of how true it is to keep at it, no matter what. Fight to be fit everyone – it is definitely worth it!!!


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