Power outage and obstacles

I had meant to post several times over the weekend, but got interrupted by a freak snow storm that hit NY and the East Coast on Saturday.  We lost power for almost three days, and I just got my internet back last night. Our farmer market got cut short and we left early – I was all ready and packed to go to the gym in a thick snow blizzard, when several trees just fell right in front of me, blocking the streets and there was mayhem everywhere. I couldn’t even go for a run because there was slush and snow everywhere, utility trucks and blocked roads wherever I went.  To make up for my loss of work out on Saturday I did a double session on Monday (NOT recommended) where I did back in the morning, then legs in the afternoon.  And oh yes, I also managed to fit in 35 minutes of HIIT cardio.  Don’t ask me how -my energy isn’t exactly top notch at the moment but I’m driven by some inner strength I can’t explain – just really ready to go all out and do my best this time around!!

Today marks one more week of “real training” before I rest. That is, Thursday next week (before my show) I’m just going in to do some light shoulders, then nothing on Friday.  This week I started doing super sets with higher reps – about ten exercises paired together, where I do 8-10 reps of the first exercises (heavier weights) followed by 12-15 reps o the second exercise (lighter load). I did shoulders yesterday and boy that was a good one! I can finally start to see my shoulders forming and becoming rounder, it has been, as I’ve mentioned before, my biggest trouble area, ever since I was injured there a little over a year ago. Here’s a couple of shots taken at the gym last night – I’m still very pale so the photos don’t come out very well, but spray tanning is expensive here and I’m saving all my sessions for next week when I’ll start prepping for the “real” tan!!

I actually AM starting to see a six pack, although this isn’t very convincing! LOL.. The  layer of fat I had on my triceps is slowly disappearing… hopefully I will make more improvements next week when I start my peak week!

Ok folks – today it’s my back that’s going to work again – but first I have to go shopping for a party I’m doing this Friday for a client, the true test comes tomorrow when I’ll be spending all day and night baking… ham and cheese croissants, pain au chocolate, banana nut bread, chocolate pecan and gingerbread scones, just to name a few things… I promise not to lick any batters!! 🙂

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