Updated diet…

I received my updated diet plan today – essentially I’m now eating one more carb meal per day (sweet potato or brown rice) – one at lunch and one at post pm-work out, and I’ve had to eliminate my beloved non fat cottage cheese snack. This is to reduce sodium and also any excess bloating that dairy causes. I also get to have a whole egg with my egg whites in the morning, so something good! I am not taking fish oil right now as a supplement but continuing with BCAAs an multivitamins.  I will continue with this until November 4th, then on the 5th starts the “diet from hell” where I’m even reducing the quantity of oatmeal in the morning (noooo) from 1/2 cup to 1/3 cup, and NO carbs whatsoever during the day. This is from Friday-Tuesday, then Tuesday (week of my show), I’m upping carbs and having carbs with every meal (25 g).  NO sodium starting Monday in advance of my show, and no sweeteners (splenda, Stevia, etc.) starting Tuesday.  I am going to HATE life that week, but at the same time I’m excited to see what will happen with my body while doing this experiment – last time I did the show I did nothing of the sort, didn’t reduce sodium or change up my diet at all. I was on FD and it worked – but I’m sure results could have been better had I been more structured.

Water intake for now is 1 1/2 gallons per day – then I slowly reduce it until I have absolutely NO water on show day.  I will try to post some pictures later this week, I need to start tanning now so I can see the developments.

Hope you are all doing ok out there – keep checking back…. Greetings from a hungry but excited girl!

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