I like big butts and I cannot lie…

Well, that was at least how the song went back in the day – I should say I like ROUND butts, with muscle, not fat of course 🙂  I have to say I have not been genetically blessed with a butt you could place your drink on. In fact, my sister always complained we were flat as an ironing board back there, and as far as she was concerned, had stick legs (I was never really cursed with that, as I was always into sports and had developed some muscle already) and could never wear tights because they would look funny. Well, I also noticed about a year and a half ago, that when I lost weight – the first thing that went, was my backside and my boobs. Not exactly what we want right?? But with Pauline’s new “BUTT BIBLE” out and focusing on exercises to develop this portion of my body, I can now happily say I’m starting to get a ROUND butt! WHO KNEW that was possible?? Heavy weights? Well, sometimes. But more importantly: Correct form, DEEP squatting, and meticulous form, not so much paying attention to “oh look what I can do -I deadlifted 700 pounds today”. Well, as long as you can feel it and notice big time the next day that you’ve been doing something to your lower body – that’s what counts! Here’s a silly photo of me in the bathroom – not exactly the nicest backdrop, but I have to make do with the light I have in my house (non existent at times)… this was taken last night:

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