The continued search for “balance”…

Wow, I cannot believe it has been a month since I posted – I’m sorry guys!! I am sure you are tired of reading about how busy and overwhelmed I am – I am sorry to say that I don’t have a different story this time, lol. We picked up an additional, last minute 3-day gig last week on top of our other commitments that completely kicked my butt. Up at 3:30am to bake, and to bed at midnight after a full day of baking, cooking, and lugging carts. NO time to train (once last week!) and I was eating irregular and incorrect- and one day I didn’t eat at all, NOT GOOD.  I need to learn to eliminate failure by preparing for every situation, precooking meals and staying away from too must tasting. This time around I didn’t even have a minute to cook for myself. Since my goal is fat loss mainly now so I can start getting definition back to see all my newly built muscle, I will choose NOT to eat, instead of eating the wrong foods when I’m in a situation where I don’t have the correct foods.  I will remember to bring my BCAAs at least so the body doesn’t starve completely!

On a lighter note, financially things are looking up a bit so I was able to order my “usual” stack of supplements last week so this week I’m BACK at it fullspeed at the gym and ready to kick some ass! $250 later I now have my Gaspari Myofusion protein powders (I like their banana cream for breakfast with my oatmeal, and their milk chocolate pre/post workout), Gaspari’s BCAAs, Superpump250 MAX, SizeOn, and AST Sports Science MyoD, R-Ala and Beta – X as well as their multivitamin. Love it!

Because my life threw me a curve ball at the beginning of the year up until the beginning of this month, I am forced to postpone my planned show date from July to possibly September, or even November. I was feeling upset about it for a while, but I’m realizing I have so much stress from work, I don’t need to induce any more stress on myself in areas where it doesn’t have to be that hard. I’m just going to focus on eating right, train hard and continue my quest for that “perfect” body and if there’s a show I can fit into along the way, then great! So.. stay tuned for more details and more posts from me – i hope to have another one here tomorrow! Good night all!

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