Cheese, Chocolate and Cabernet

What are these things doing on a fitness blog, you say? Well, these are the items I’ve been surrounded by this week and I feel like I’m going crazy! I’m so frickin sick of food that I can’t even motivate myself to prepare the foods I need to eat for myself! I think the main reason why I’m disheartened is that I am just so goddamn tired. I haven’t had much sleep, preparing and doing gigs day in and day out and I am not making the progress I need to, in order to be in track for my planned fitness shows this summer. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up, just that I need to implement a more “serious” form of attack and try to work on my mental state rather than on going harder, tougher at the gym (that part I’ve got down!).

I’m lucky to have Pauline as my mentor who has been tremendously inspiring to me and supportive to me, while simultaneously ‘keeping it real’ and not giving me any dreamy solutions. I’m still performing trial and error exercises on this fitness journey and learning more and more all the way. What a joyful trip life is indeed! I will be happy when I can have a few more moments of the day to check in more often… I hope you will all hang in there with me, I’m not a person who’s known for giving up or not completing a task… thanks for your support and I hope your training and eating is on track!!

One thought on “Cheese, Chocolate and Cabernet

  1. I give you a lot of credit Sunny; being surrounded by the food, desserts and wine for as many hours as you are would be difficult for me, You do very well my dear! You are impressive in SO many ways and on so many levels.
    Keep up the great work!
    Your #1 fan ~ Sally 🙂

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