Checking in..

Just to let you know that although it may seem like I’ve disappeared from the face of the earth – I’m still here people!! I’ve just had a gazillion things to do, not time to blog but trust that I’m hard at work trying to fit in training, proper diet, and enough sleep all in one – NOT easy! One always seem to suffer at the expense of another, but I’m going to give up sleep before I give up the other two!  I am not happy with the progress I’m making though, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m impatient or that I need to tweak my work out and/or diet. I’ve just been so exhausted – working hard 7 days a week and never getting a break from responsibilities is definitely taking its toll but I refuse to let that get in the way! I feel March is a much ‘brighter’ month and so I am keeping positive and just focusing on one day at a time! I want my work outs to be focused, extreme and great each and every day and I am filling up with fresh veggies every day and drinking lots of water.

Stay tuned for a more detailed update, and sorry I haven’t checked in before now! Hectic week ahead but I should be able to write more in a week or so… Happy training everyone – hope you are all staying fit and healthy!

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