Mental toughness

When I feel down or defeated it always helps to talk to my mentor, Pauline Nordin. She is a tough broad, as they say – but so am I, and we just connected in a way that I can’t explain, when I went to train with her last summer in Venice Beach. Maybe it’s because we’re both Scandinavian, or maybe it’s because neither of us likes any fluff or bulls^%&.  At any rate, I derailed over the holidays a bit, as some of you know, plus I’ve lately had a stressful time with my new job, finances, life in general – as well as now experiencing a shoulder injury (again).  I used to console myself with food before, but now I always think “what would Pauline do” and realize that I have to be WILLING in order to gain the results I want. Practice what you preach, in other words.  What is more important to me?  Instead of laying down with a chocolate chip cookie and accepting defeat, I’m now THINKING first. What will that accomplish, if I allow myself to overeat, indulge or eat and drink “just because”? Shall I find something else to do with my time, that’s more productive? Doesn’t even have to be anything physical like “going for a run” or do some yoga, but maybe organizing my closet that I’ve been wanting to do for weeks, playing with my dogs some more, reading a book or … doing my taxes?? LOL. But you get my point. The less time I spend feeling sorry for myself, the more time I’ve got to start feeling BETTER about myself by being productive and doing things that do not revolve around food.

Today I had an amazing day – it was busy as can be, getting up at 6 am, as I always do on weekends, to pack our stuff and get to the farmer’s market where we sell our prepared foods.  I forgot to bring along my prepared cooler of foods (not recommended!) as I was there for 5-6 hours, and I eat every 3 hours, I was starving when I got home. But… I was determined to make time even though I only had 30 minutes before I had to go to another appointment to meet with a potential client, to make a healthy lunch. So my cabbage dish it was, with my beloved shirataki noodles which I actually haven’t had in a while as I abused them around last summer and got tired of them, with some pink salmon. Delicious! I was proud of myself for not letting myself down, and that feeling is better than any piece of bread, cheese or chocolate could ever taste.  Now when I’m tempted to stray, I STOP AND THINK before I act, and ask myself “Will this get me closer to my goal? Will I feel better afterwards and for days to come? “. Guess what the answer is. Of course always NO, and I step AWAY from the temptation. Try it next time – it works, and you are reminded of just HOW strong you can be mentally, YOU are the boss here,  not the snacks!!

One thought on “Mental toughness

  1. I hope your shoulder is doing better my dear friend.
    I have problems in the thoracic area of my back (disks); it can be frustrating at times.
    Love, love, love your posts Sunny!

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