I won’t sugar coat things on this blog – yes, what I’ve done so far is great, I’ve definitely improved my life, my physique and my attitude. Does it mean that all of a sudden my old thinking, habits and actions disappear overnight? of course not! last year it was somehow easy, as I seemed to have all the time in the world to think about “superficial” things (by no means do I agree with this statement, it was a thought).  I had this inner drive that told me “hell no, I”m not going to eat a carrot” because it has more sugar than other vegetables. Yeah, I was that strict. At the beginning of this year, I found myself more lax, fooling myself that I can actually have a few more carbs here and there and still look the same. well let me tell you: IT AIN’T TRUE!!

I am struggling with finding the WILLINGNESS to adhere to strict eating while I’m going through tumultuous times and striving to meet my primary needs of financial security, working 7 days a week and always “having something to do”. My job is such that I can never really take a break or go off on a “weekend” without worrying about one thing or another. I know it’s not healthy to never take a break, but when building a business where competition is fierce – it leaves me really no choice at the moment.  So what do I do to relieve stress? Cardio! I am not supposed to do too much of this but a good run or cardio session really helps me relax, releasing much needed endorphins so I can feel good and ready to tackle the day.  I constantly remind myself of that if I have extra urges for carbs, they will only make me feel good for a minute as you get that sugar ‘rush’, and then you crash and burn. I just went to the store and got a million different vegetables which I will prepare and  make sure I bring with me when I get on the road in the morning.  PREPARATION in advance of any stressful day is a MUST – nobody can ‘wing it’ if they want to get in tip top shape, or become shredded. Bring your foods with you at all times – this way you know what you can eat and when.

Stress is hard to deal with but I have to remember that I AM IN CHARGE OF ME. Nobody has the power to make me feel anything other than what I myself allow. I am going to handle this stress one day at a time – sometimes one hour at a time – until I am back where I want to be; in a zen like state, happy and go lucky as I and everyone else deserve to be! Have a great weekend everyone!

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