Cookbook Collection

When I tell you that I have opposing hobbies, I’m not kidding. I recently entered a competition entitled “How Enormous is Your Cookbook Collection” and I’m pretty sure very few can challenge me in this area. Throughout my house I have probably close to 2,000 books – I started collecting when I lived in Rome, Italy at the age of 19 and have been obsessed with food ever since. I love the fact that I can enjoy both worlds – I get to experiment with different foods, while I still know how to take care of my body and become as lean as I want to be. It is, after all (what I talked about in my last post)- about willingness!!

You want that ripped look? Well, unfortunately you’re not going to get it from just doing a few half hearted spinning classes a couple of times a week and then go and binge on food or booze on the weekend. It takes commitment and meticulously counting your micronutrients and also timing the food. I don’t always feel like doing it – but I pride myself on staying in shape all year round while not venturing too far to one side or another.  I will always love food and wine – but I will also always love being in shape and looking GOOD! I think you can marry the two, no problem! Enjoy some photos of my cookbook collection (by no means does this include all of them!!) !


4 thoughts on “Cookbook Collection

  1. Wow! I am impressed Sunny! I think it is a wonderful collection!
    SO glad to receive your post in my email! What a nice surprise to receive your post while I am emailing some of my friends.
    Thanks for the motivation and inspiration Sunny!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Sally

    1. Hi Elizabeth – those are the only ones that are NOT cookbooks that snuck in on the shelves – the modern library classics like Anna Karenina, etc. 🙂

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