Motivation versus Willingness

These days I feel there is a big difference between motivation and willingness. Why? You can have all the motivation in the world to get fitter, thinner, stronger and healthier – they are everywhere you turn; “I will be able to run a half marathon and feel great and rejuvenated! I will be able to fit into any piece of clothing I want! I will be able to lift that heavier dumbell/press heavier, do more pull ups! I will feel on top of the world!”

Then comes the willingness portion: Am I willing to do all the things that are necessary to achieve all the above? I can’t have wine every night, I can’t rest my head on my pillow after a busy day at work because I will have to head to the gym, I can’t give in to my urge of having a piece of cheese or a loaf of bread or even that small piece of chocolate when I want to ‘treat myself’ – because having a shredded, fit body is not created this way. You must be anal, meticulous, FOCUSED.   I will have to sometimes (most times?) be ok with feeling deprived, maybe hungry, I will be angry because I can’t chill out with my favorite bottle of wine, I will feel exhausted and defeated at the gym at times because I want to be stronger, buffer, and better RIGHT NOW ALL THE TIME!

So what does this all mean? I’m human, that’s all. I want to live the “good life” and still look smoking. Well guess again folks – although the American dream tells you you can have it all, it just ain’t true in the world of fitness. You’ve got to make  CHOICE. You think you can have a six pack and indulge every other day? Uhmm.. no.  It’s hard (I should add TOUGH)  work. And sometimes it requires a lifestyle you can’t imagine for yourself. Tough, but correct.

Are you motivated?  Great to hear. But are you WILLING??? That is entirely another question. Check yourself – before you wreck yourself. PSYCHE!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Motivation versus Willingness

  1. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna but my body is saying otherwise. Still battling this stupid low grade fever, I am back running cause the resting did not help only made me more bummed. But the runs aren’t good, instead of finishing and feeling good I want to cry, I feel like I am just starting out running ever. Had a bunch of blood work done yesterday, going back to the doc. tomorrow, but it is really frustrating since I feel like I am not quite getting through with something is off! Yes, so I can still do a 10k run but it is horrible, I feel like crap and I honestly don’t think it is anything major but there is something WRONG! I tried telling that 10k run is nothing for me and that I am really fit but he seemed to think that was still pretty good. He asked me to keep a record of my am and pm body temp and there are days it fluctuates over 10 degrees, granted I’ve never kept a record before so not sure if this is normal. Guess just gonna have to wait for the test results. Good thing is that I am off soon for two weeks so that will give my body a break from work. But dang it the hotel in Sydney has a pool and a gym and is close to all the jogging paths, and I’ve been so looking forward to those. So enough whining, and hopefully my body can sort itself out. 🙂

    1. Mikaela, I hate when I’m in that state too – but just know that the body always goes through stages where it’s not so “happy”. We can’t always have amazing workouts, some days are better than others and we’ll just have to plow through them and do as best as we can. Perhaps your body needs a bit of rest too – you need to feel these things out. I hope you feel better soon – thanks for checking in! xx

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