Highs and lows and somewhere in between…

It’s amazing how much one day can differ from another. At the start of the week I had a particularly difficult time as I’ve been experiencing being extremely bloated for some reason.  My body has been in a funky shape and although I feel I’ve gained some fat since my competition, I have gained muscles and know I’m progressing in the way I want to.  I’m getting stronger and am still very motivated to keep going. Having not changed my diet with the exception of being somewhat glutenous when my sister was here in October for a few days, I was mystified. Then I decided to up my cardio and am now sticking to about 40 minutes x 6 days a week and I’m telling you all: CARDIO works!! I’m slowly ‘deflating’ and getting back to normal. Luckily I haven’t experienced any hunger pangs, and if I do, I just get undressed and stand in the front of the mirror: instant “full” feeling! LOL!

That all withstanding, I was feeling kind of “ugh” all week and then ran into a bodybuilder friend of mine at the gym. Out of nowhere she started giving me compliments about my athletic build and that I’ve definitely “got it” and with some extra size on my legs I will be in tip top shape to compete with the best of them. She had been talking to her peers about me and even suggested a stage coach for me to contact for my next show. I have never depended on feedback and affirmation from others to make myself feel better, but boy – that day it worked! I instantly felt rejuvenated and was reminded of why I do what I do. Nothing beats the feeling and euphoria I get from a great work out, from seeing my body change shape and from getting fitter every day. Suddenly I got that “fire” from within and the desire to compete again and it felt wonderful! I had been missing that feeling for some weeks, coming down from the show I did and all the preparations for a specific event.

So… in order for you to have highs you definitely have to go through some lows too – and be ok with that. I have accepted that I won’t feel on top of the world every day, but what matters is that I don’t let those feelings affect my actions, and that I just keep plugging along and eventually I will get back on track.  Nobody is super charged 24/7, 365 days a year – but if I can aim to be so about 80% of the time, it will be a great achievement!

Today I am somewhere in between – I am proud of myself for accomplishing some really tough cardio sessions this week along with some of my heaviest lifts of my short experience of weight training- at the same time I am not as ripped as I want to be but I know I will get there… one day at a time! Here’s a couple of photos of some recent meals that have helped me stay on track:

Grilled chicken with Middle Eastern Spices, Mashed Acorn Squash and Steamed Green Beans:

Veggie refeed! Carrots, sugar snap peas and purple cauliflower:

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