Progress pics

I think I promised you all that I would post some photos of myself this past weekend and never did – oops! Anyway, here’s a couple of shots of my back taken this afternoon – my focus in the next months/year will be my back and my legs. I can definitely see I’m getting wider here, I have been lifting a lot heavier and doing fewer reps but really going all out on back day.


Tomorrow is leg day again and I can’t wait to do: WALKING LUNGES!! They are my favorite I think, at the same time I dread doing them, because again I am doing them weighted down but you can feel the “rip” so good in the thighs and of course: butt!! I’m going to get killer legs AND butt – just watch!!

2 thoughts on “Progress pics

  1. Looking great! I do enjoy the weighted walking lunges too though I think I enjoy the weighted squats even more. 🙂

    1. Thanks Mikaela! My back is definitely getting wider, aiming for that “V”! 🙂 I like squats too but have always done them, so the lunges are a welcome addition again to my routine – I used to do them with my trainer last year but then for some reason stopped doing them, never again, they are the best for butt building! 🙂

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