Oh, how I wished I love these. In fact, I have to admit I close to hate doing these. Today was the day when butt and hamstrings were on the menu at the gym and of course deadlifts were first on the list to do. I started with regular ones, and then went into stiff deadlifts and one legged stiff deadlifts (which I like more, mind you). I just feel like I don’t get them, although God knows I worked on them enough while in LA working out with the Boss (aka Pauline Nordin). Supposedly I finally got the correct form down, and although I can barely do about 115 lbs at least I am doing them right and I feel them. My goal is to eventually really look forward to doing these exercises and of course, to be able to add more weight and still feel ok.

The deadlift is considered a “mass building” exercise, and one of the basic, key exercises to do to (the others include squats, pull ups, bench press, shoulder presses, bent over rows and bar dips) to build your legs, butt and even abs. I see so many people do it in the gym with horrible form and it takes every fiber in my body to stop me from going over and correcting them. If done wrong, you can really hurt yourself, especially your back and of course, does not work the body parts it’s supposed to.  Which is why I’m extra anal when doing them, and perhaps this is why I can’t lift as heavy as I would like to. This is when I have to remind myself that correct form is much more important than the number of weights!!  I’m not a power lifter, hence I’m not hung up on how heavy I lift, but rather HOW to lift in order to shape and build my body the way I want it to look (i.e. bodybuilding). At the same time I need to constantly push myself to add weights to keep challenging myself, to keep growing and to keep building. Sometimes it can get confusing, frustrating, annoying.. well, much like anything in life! 🙂

Here’s an example of a stiff legged deadlift.

Maybe if I feel up to it, I will film myself next week while doing one but don’t hold your breath! Tomorrow is BACK day – my favorite!! Legs and butt are bound to feel it tomorrow; in addition to the three different versions of deadlifts, I did lying leg curls (75 lbs / 5 sets / 8 reps), standing single leg curls (30 lb/8 reps each leg/3 sets), abductor and adductor (115 lbs) x 3 sets x 10 reps rounded off by duck butt lifts and butt bridges (body weight).  No cardio today as I wanted to rest my legs but back at it tomorrow!

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