Choices and Decisions

Life is all about choices and decisions. You get up in the morning, you decide what you are going to eat for breakfast. You decide whether or not you will go for a run before work.  You choose which clothes to wear, when you leave to go somewhere. You decide what mood you are going to be in for the rest of the day (well, unless something terrible happens or you win a million dollars in the lottery – that may have the power to change your mindset!).  Same goes for fitness. You decide whether or not you want to live a lifestyle that incorporates healthy eating, daily / weekly visits to the gym, and whether or not to say no to that cinnamon bun in the morning with your coffee or that slice of pizza at night.  Don’t get critical or irritated by someone who chooses not to follow what you do, whether it is a good or bad decision – because realize that we all have the power to decide for ourselves how we want to live our lives. If you want something bad enough, you will do what it takes to get there. Not everyone gets that, or really wants what they say they want. Are they willing to sacrifice an extra hour of sleep in the morning and get up in the cold and the dark to hit the gym? Maybe not. Then again, they may not look as good in their jeans as you do.  Will they give up a big, fatty sandwich with a bag of chips for lunch and take the time out to make their own lunch and bring from home, one that consists of healthier choices such as lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey), vegetables and good fats such as nuts and avocados? Maybe not.  My point is here, that we all need to stay focused on ourselves, and not let others dictate how you will live your life, or feel about yourself. Lately I’ve been hit with a lot of comments like “I thought you put that radical lifestyle behind you now that you are not prepping for a show”. What these people don’t know is that I decided to compete not because I wanted to start some huge career in figure competition or with the mindset of “win or go home”, but I needed it to change my mindset and my old habits so that I could continue a healthier, fitter lifestyle and really learn to love eating healthy and working out daily. Did I accomplish that? YES! I no longer need a “date” where I need to be in shape by, or an ‘excuse’ to eat my egg whites and steamed green beans, because I CHOOSE TO EAT IT. Yes, believe it or not – I WANT to eat it because I enjoy the feeling it gives me, my body feels better, lighter and more pleased with that food decision than when I eat chocolate, carb heavy dishes or god forbid, any items with FAT. Not that I won’t ever eat them again, but I choose to stay away from them as much as possible. I will indulge occasionally because I’m in the business of food and wine, but I will not go overboard where it will compromise the shape I am in and all the hard work I put in at the gym.  I wish I could explain that better to everyone who asks me, or better yet – I wish I didn’t have to explain.  I get tired of having to “defend” myself, when I see nobody question my friend’s decision to order a club sandwich with a 2 feet high tower of French Fries and a big Coca Cola.

Often times people use “obsessed” and “fixated” (and not in a positive way) to describe my lifestyle. Ok, I’m obsessed with it. But I’m also obsessed with wine – and when I mention that, they all laugh and think that is great. Hmmmm… Not many get that I am obsessed with the creation of wine, the different types out there, the history, geography and people involved in making it – not drinking it 24/7. In fact I appreciate wine much more now that I drink it more rarely than before (let’s just say I had about a bottle every night, not ashamed of admitting it but boy – no wonder I gained all that weight!).  I made a decision to not let anything or anyone choose for me when and how I was going to drink and eat.  I think I’m allowed that – now let me just eat my vegetables in peace and enjoy having a muscular, fit body and let’s move on to discuss other more important issues in the world! Happy Thursday everyone!

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