Smooth sailing and other things

Well, it’s only day 3 of my new regimen but I’m following my 1800-2000 calorie a day diet and I did another 40 min run this afternoon in addition to 10 min this morning at the gym before doing chest and triceps. I’m down 1 lb from yesterday so now I’m about 5 lbs from where I need to be to be back to where I was.  I still would like to tighten up and lose another +3 lb after that to get rid of that last layer of fat that I wasn’t happy with in the first place (triceps and legs mostly). To the average eye it probably doesn’t make a difference but to me, I need to get there! After that I will focus again on big time heavy lifting, building and shaping.  Had a great session at the gym this morning and I was so happy! I’ve had about 2 weeks where I’ve felt weak, not energized and all around unenthusiastic (although I never have a problem putting on my gear and getting out the door – it’s when I get there that I’ve been “blah”) and have been wondering if I would ever feel “back to normal”. Well today was the day!! SO relieved because although I know we all have good and bad days, I have been on such a high for the past year seeing my body change and feeling greater every day, that now where I am pretty much where I set my goal it’s harder to find that “drive” and to set new goals without feeling “obsessed” or that the feeling will completely take over your life. What I have noticed that no matter how shitty I feel going in to the gym (having a bad day, worrying about money, clients, etc.) I always feel 1000% better when I’m done and that is only one of the million reasons I’m addicted to training !!

On to other daily things… I made a decadent German Chocolate Cake today – it was the anniversary for some of my husbands friends, so I practiced on them as I have to make the same cake for a client of mine on Saturday. I didn’t even FEEL like tasting the cake – rich chocolate, and layers of pecan and toasted coconut. Let’s say a piece of that probably was over half my calorie allotment for the day, lol! I would like to start taking some cake decorating classes – I’ve never been interested in it before but I’m starting to take a liking to it. I always wondered how one of my friends, who is a pastry chef, managed to stay so slim but now I know! The trick is to SURROUND yourself with sugar, chocolate, butter, cream and nuts every day all day year around – and you’ll never desire the stuff! But I do get a kick out of the pleasure it brings to other people on special occasions and it’s a fun hobby. Call me a sadist, ha! Here’s a picture of a German Chocolate Cake (not mine, I didn’t have time to take a photo although it wasn’t as pretty as this one!!) – look but don’t eat!  Hope you’re all following your diets and working out hard!!


6 thoughts on “Smooth sailing and other things

  1. I was cracking up reading your previous post mainly because that is exactly how I would react too but seeing it from the outside you realize how radical we can be,lol. You will propably lose whatever you gained from going back to excercising and your diet, especially when you are adding the cardio.
    But like I said I reacted the same way when I realized that I wasn’t the weight I thought I was due to my new scale vs old scale. I immediately changed my diet and cut back even more to the extent that by the end of the week I was so exhausted at work from lack of fuel that it was painful. I somehow managed to do it this week again as on my run today I had nothing in my legs. Problem is that it takes a few days to deplete my body so by the time I feel it, I am in the shits literally because even if I add a bit more calories it takes awhile for the body to catch up just like being dehydrated. Not only that it leaves me open to overeating and eating the wrong food just to perk up. I feel like my poor body is on a roller coaster the whole day and that this so not good and won’t help me lose any weight. So I am going to have to be more conscious about this. I am too trying to lose a bit more and it seems slightly harder now. Also been doing strenght excercises and hopefully building some muscle so the lbs won’t necessarily drop off though I might still be losing body fat.
    Oh the good ol’days of dieting when getting skinny and fitting into your clothes was enough, :). But nooo want the ripped arms, the abs, butt etc.
    As for the baking I so agree, back when I used to bake at work the last thing I wanted to was eat any of it, you feel like it gets soaked in through your skin when you are surrounded by the smells and ingredients. The other thing too was that I saw the amount of sugar and butter etc. that went into the cakes, so yeah, no thanks! Used to laugh cause I made this chocolate chip banana bread and customers used to buy it alot cause they thought hhmmm banana bread healthy….if only they knew about the obsene amount of sugar and butter that went into it. But it was delicious. 🙂

    1. Haha.. thanks for sharing your experiences Mikaela. Yes, well we are a bit extreme, but it’s all good as long as we take care of our bodies and know what it needs to function properly! I’m down another 1.2 lbs this morning, wahoo! So you are probably right, adding back some cardio and watching my diet will do it – I hope to be back to normal by next month if not sooner. It’s amazing how you can manipulate your body if you put your mind to it, isn’t it? LOL. And you are right, it’s much harder to lose weight when you are already pretty lean but us Scandinavian girls like a challenge, right??? Hope all else is well with you – wishing you a great weekend down there in New Zealand!! xoxox

  2. Yeah, if it was easy we wouldn’t be doing it! 🙂
    I am getting slightly frustrated at the moment though as I have been stricter with my eating and put up with feeling hungry quite a bit but as far as the scale nothing is happening. I know I am building some muscle and my veins are popping pretty good but the changes are so slight that it is messing with my head and making me double think everything. I have been eating more protein, eggs pretty much daily but not going over the 2 whole egg limit like you said. But I am wondering if I should go back to the beginning and eat like I did then when I lost the most. When you were prepping for the contest, did you still keep losing weight or was it more body fat? How did you monitor it?

    1. and no, when I was prepping for my show I was not losing weight!! I was trying to add muscle and lose fat (hard to do simultaneously) and kept a diet of about 2500 calories per day…

  3. well, as you know Mikaela the leaner you get the harder it will get to lose weight, and you may have to get even tougher or more anal at what you do. That said, why are you still trying to lose weight?? Or do you mean fat?? I guess being leaner than you were in the beginning coupled with you having added muscle it’s natural that the scale doesn’t go down. I measure my body fat with caliipers, and you can go online to get photos of how to do it. Normally they have you measure the fat on your front thigh, side next to belly button (tummy area) and tricep but I do inner thigh and butt also, as that is where women have most fat anyway. I also use my mirror – I know my body well now and know instantly when I’ve gained/lost, added water weight, etc. I think you should also give this some time – don’t expect miracles overnight, it’s a process and takes a while longer now. Make sure you eat frequently to keep that metabolism burning!!

  4. Thanks Sunny. I think I’ll buy the fat calipers so until I know my body better I’ll know if I am losing or not. Measuring with the tape measure is not helping ofcourse since I might be gaining muscle. I admit I can’t tell with my body like you can, I see some changes but I cannot tell the difference yet. Yes, I still want to lose some weight and ofcourse body fat. Not much I only want 3-4lbs more off, it is more of a head thing but I want to be slightly under 115lbs instead of slightly over, right now I am about 116.4. Maybe I’ll send you some pics so you’ll have an idea what I am whinging about. 🙂

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