Time off – good or bad?

Hi everyone, really didn’t mean to be away from my blog this long but I just had my dear sister and niece in town from Norway for a week and was really devoting all my time to them, as I see them only every other year or so. It was my sister’s 50th birthday and we celebrated in style at one of the city’s finest restaurants and all around I did not adhere to any type of Fighter Diet principles that week and it now clearly shows!! I had consciously planned to take a week off the gym this past week when my family was here, as I had been feeling over trained and run down after a whole year of working pretty hard with no breaks /days off really.  I have come to the conclusion I do NOT like time off, at least not for a whole week! I think one or two days I could do but I really just get my routine disrupted and my new lifestyle gets shaken and messed up and I absolutely don’t like that feeling!! So… you live and you learn. I keep telling myself I’m still new to this game, I’ve got to be allowed to practice trial and error too, just like everybody else, to see what my body likes and doesn’t do, what it is capable of and what it can tolerate. Conclusion: No more time off for a while, lol!

That being said, I’m back to practicing a fairly strict regimen for the next week few weeks. Not exactly Fighter Diet extreme, but close to it – I have allowed some fat to get back on my body, I can tell, but I know it’s also bloating due to excess salt, sugars and carbs and I have my monthly visitor this week too which doesn’t help. So I will weigh myself in a couple of days to see where I’m at. I am scared and excited at the same time – I know I’ve gained some but not too much that it won’t get me super motivated to kick ass again. I’m not ever going to allow myself to stray like this again – although I was good by most people’s standards, I certainly overdid it and my body is protesting a bit now.  I’m incorporating 45 minutes of cardio 5-6 times a week which I haven’t done in about 4-5 months as I was focusing on building muscle but now I want to shed a couple of pounds of fat first, then get back to it. We’ll see what happens – I will keep you all posted on my progress and detail how my experiences are with how quickly my body can recover and get back to normal, what it will take from me, how the cardio effects my progress and so on. I promise to be more present here – it has just been a very stressful time with my company, family and everything else that life throws in your way. Not that I’m making excuses of course!! (wink)! See you guys back here soon!

One thought on “Time off – good or bad?

  1. It definately is a huge learning curve. I lost the plot a bit too, not from taking a break but after my race I let myself have more than usual amount of chocolate as a “reward” and that combined with my period was not good. I let myself have a bit here and there even during the week and came the next refeed I was shoving chocolate down my throat like my life depended on it, did I enjoy it NO! I lost complete control and it took me to a place I do not want to be. To add to this whole chaos, I bought a new scale and though I hadn’t gained any I realized my old scale showed me with 5 lbs. less. so though I hadn’t gained I went from feeling thin to fat as the new numbers where not what I wanted to see. My mind can play such dirty tricks on me sometimes. From all this I did learn that though I don’t have to be anally strict I still have to be able to be in control. The first week after when I cut back was hard and was back to craving everything in sight but by the next week I was good. I am also still learning what I can eat, how much etc. to maintain or lose. I think as long as one keeps pushing oneself through workouts your body and its nutritional needs are going to change and it is always going to be a learning thing. 🙂

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