This past week my hard training has really caught up with me, and I am finally feeling really fatigued. I have been struggling with this, as I am always very tough on myself and would rather “suck it up” than admit that perhaps my body is a bit run down. I never took a break or let up a bit after my show, rather I started lifting even heavier and more vigorously right away, wanting to push myself even further.  I added sets, weight and exercises and pushsed myself till I almost dropped. When I get tired, my defenses come down, I give in and…I also start eating less than stellar. It all now shows on my body; a bit more puffy and bloated and I hate it! SO…. back to basics, and I’m going to experiment with a few different routines next week at the gym as well as some new foods (not to worry, all Fighter Diet approved, just changing up my dishes).

What is fatigue? The medical definiton is:

  1. That state, following a period of mental or bodily activity, characterized by a lessened capacity or motivation for work and reduced efficiency of accomplishment, usually accompanied by a feeling of weariness, sleepiness, irritability, or loss of ambition; may also supervene when, from any cause, energy expenditure outstrips restorative processes and may be confined to a single organ.
  2. Sensation of boredom and lassitude due to absence of stimulation, monotony, or lack of interest in one’s surroundings.

Luckily I never stopped getting the motivation to go to the gym, it’s still the one thing in my day I really look forward to and need for my sanity. But I’ve been tiring much quicker lately and instead of jumping on every new exercise with excitement and focus, I’ve been struggling to focus and my mind wanders. I don’t like that – I need to focus on every single rep, every set, every exercise in order to become better.  By switching up my routine, I hope to spice things up and get a new wave of energy along with my new goals I’ve set for the next six months.

I will keep you all posted on how things come along!

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