Yes, you can!

If anyone tells me that it’s so hard to stick to a diet, I’m bound to get irritated because then you simply don’t want it enough!! Just admit it – you’d rather chow down on that burger and stuff your face with chocolate than have a tight tummy and rocking arms. What is most important to you? If eating whatever you want is, then there is nothing wrong with that but just own that and don’t whine about it.  Or another comment “You’re so lucky”… GAHH!!! Do you have any idea what I do for a living?? I cook for a living and I teach people about WINE. Which means I’m constantly surrounded by temptations left, right and center, every single day of the year. I wake up and go to bed having to think about food, and how I can feed people the most delicious, amazing dishes. Talk about a mind $&%!  So here’s how I practiced my will power tonight – by baking cinnamon buns! and you guessed right: not for me! Before and after the glaze:

Sticking to a healthy diet is not a problem – when you make your mind up that that is what you want. More than anything else. So think of me the next time you are tempted to eat that cake – I don’t! 🙂

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