New Goals and New Beginnings!

This week I’ve had some time to reflect upon this past weekend’s happenings and what’s in store in the next weeks, months and year ahead.  Last night I found an old notebook from last summer where I had written down my fitness goals for this year. I had read somewhere that in order to become successful, you must visualize your goals by writing them down and by being specific. Which means not just tell yourself “I want to lose weight”, but rather “I am going to lose 10 lbs by December 1st”, etc.  So interestingly here was what I wrote down:

1. I will fit into a size 2-4 in all clothing stores (Check!)

2. I will weigh 135 lbs (check!)

3. I will be at 10% body fat or single digits (Check!)

4. I will be able to do 10 pull ups wide, 15 close grip (check on the close grip, still working on the wide)

5. I will have a shapely, muscular butt and thighs (there’s always work to be done here!)

6. My six pack is there (most days: check!)

7. I will have entered my first figure competition (check!)

8. I will be a certified trainer and have some clients (check!)

9. I am leading a super fit, healthy lifestyle, incorporating a diet and supplements that will increase/maximize potential muscle growth, and will become knowledgeable about optimum nutrition (check!)

10. I have my own routine at gym and self-motivated! (check!)

I must say I got SO pleased when I realized I have accomplished nearly all the goals I wrote down – even as I wrote them down I thought to myself “wow, these are really big goals, not sure if I will be able to get to all of these”. But as I started working on them, the belief in myself became stronger and each day became easier. I no longer had to convince myself to go to the gym, and the voice inside my head that said “have a glass of wine or just relax tonight, there’s always tomorrow” started fading and I became a new person. Someone who embraced this new, healthy lifestyle and gradually wanted more, craving better performance and making new goals as the progress became visible and rewarding.  Instead of ending up in tears at the mall when trying on clothes because nothing fit, I was now happy and content in any piece of clothing and confidence grew. That is what I think about now, as I am searching for new, and more advanced goals going forward.  As a person, I constantly crave challenges to keep growing, to keep myself motivated and to feel alive. The bigger the challenge, the better! Sometimes I exhaust myself because I expect so much of myself, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  My  new goals are:

1. Lift heavier weights to increase muscle size while staying lean – obviously the Fighter Diet way! This includes continuing to build a great, muscular butt and legs, as well as widen my back.

2.  Incorporate some more cardio in my routine but still being careful here – more HIIT than long runs. My focus will still be on those weights but I went for a run on Monday and it just felt so great!

3. Develop some more exciting recipes so I can continue to enjoy my favorite FD foods that make me feel so great. I would like to get more variety in my diet – as a chef I naturally long for new and exciting ways to cook so I will challenge myself here to mix it up more than I have.

4. Launch my online diet and training coach program and network with more people in the fitness industry. I want to be able to combine this new hobby of mine with my food and wine company. I already have a meeting set up tomorrow with a representative from the local elementary school in the town I live with to perhaps work with them to build recipes for healthier lunches for their kids. It would be my dream to inspire young kids to eat fresh, local and seasonal foods and to give some cooking classes as well incorporating healthy techniques.

5. Shoot for another figure competition spring of 2011 – where I will find a show that has a “tall division.” After chatting with the promoter of my show yesterday, he suggested this, so I can be appropriately and fairly judged along side women the same or similar height as me. It is naturally very difficult to look equally symmetrical next to a 5’2″ woman when I am 5’10” and way over 6″ tall in heels. And next time I will even SMILE! (I apparently forgot to show those teeth)

6. Take better care of myself and treat myself to at least one spa/nail/ hair appointment per month and buy a new piece of clothing. I am not good at this, but it always feels so nice.  We all need to take time out to ourselves, even when we feel that is the last thing on our mind or the least important thing in the midst of chaos.

I am sure there are more points but for now these are what I will focus on. While I still feel tired, I am rejuvenated somehow in the sense that I now have a new shot at working towards new potential achievements and that always makes me happy!!

Below, my biggest fan, my boxer Thor – with his backstage pass to my show:

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