Carbs over dessert anytime

On Sunday after my competition I allowed myself to eat anything I wanted.  Luckily I am not a person who grew up with fast food, so I didn’t automatically run to Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds, but I thought: A great, homemade pasta with a nice, big glass of red wine: Yes, please!!  Here’s a dish my husband made for me:  Handmade tagliatelle with home made, fresh tomato sauce and some especially made pesto topped with my favorite, Parmigiano cheese:

I also had frozen yogurt and some chocolate, but curiously my mind wanted to reach for that fresh, awesome smelling baguette from the farmer’s market instead. While I think of myself as loving desserts, I am more likely to crave breads, pastas, rice and crackers (Graham’s yes!) and be happy as a clam.  Another item I don’t crave is FAT.  I don’t ever feel like gooey cheese anymore (who knew!), nut butters, avocado or oily french fries.  Guess I should feel happy about that huh?!  Well I take it back: PIZZA is still a weakness of mine, and I could eat two of them alone (so there goes my cheese statement). My fat intake is notoriously low – I get all my fat from whole nuts and whatever fat is in my protein (very little but I do eat salmon and some other fatty fishes from time to time).
What I found after I had indulged in all of my favorite foods on Sunday is that I wasn’t that satisfied – it wasn’t all that, and my head had played tricks on me thinking “oh if only I could eat that I would be so happy”. On the contrary, I couldn’t wait for my bowl of oatmeal, my fresh veggies and my cottage cheese the following day. Feeling bloated, soft and heavy is not a new goal of mine, thank GOD!  Here’s tonight’s meal: Stir fried veggies and shrimp with sriracha, ginger and lite soy sauce (and yes, I eat more vegetables than this, again this is for photo shoot purposes only – and it’s 6 oz of shrimp total in case you are curious about the amount):

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