First Competition: Check!

The big day is over! NOW WHAT??  Sorry to say I didn’t place in either category last night (Figure or Best Body).  Of course I had hoped to at least place, but I must say that being flat chested certainly isn’t a plus in this field!  I am not at all a sore loser or trying to blame this and that, I promised myself I wouldn’t over analyze the results, although naturally it’s normal and human to try to do so! Most of the girls were very curvy, “girly” and had that all around American look that I just will never have.  Nevertheless, I must say I  had a lot of fun,  and made a lot of friends as everyone was very friendly and professional.  This show has a great reputation in the industry and rightfully so. Boy what a long day though – I got up at 5:30am and got home at 1 am last night… Standing around is a big part, and on 5 inch heels – not so bueno! I also wasn’t very regimented about my eating during the day, and felt I looked pretty flat and soft all day.  The whole day went by as if I were in a daze, I couldn’t get my head around that this was the actual DAY – the day I had been working so hard towards! Almost an anti-climax in a way, which most days are when you have waited months for it. Not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t as nerve wrecking as I thought it would be. I don’t have stage fright really so that helped – but having five people stare you up and down and judge you is going to get you somewhat shaky regardless!

What I felt I could have done better is my routine. It felt very rushed, and I was nervous and not very focused, so I didn’t spend enough time posing or concentrating on all the body parts at a time.  I also messed up my best body routine both during the pre judging and at night time. I forgot my back pose during pre judging and switched my turns at night. I should have also smiled more – looking back at the photos I was very serious, forgetting that those judges like to see pretty, white teeth!  Well, it’s all a learning experience, and I can’t expect to be perfect the first time (one can always hope…). I am not sure if I would like to compete again  –  parts of me do and parts of me don’t. I think about Ava Cowan’s shirt “The more I get NO, the harder I go!!” and realize most great competitors and athletes got “nos” in their career at one point or another. I am not going to get discouraged, this was only one show and one particular group of people.  I didn’t do it for others in the first place, I did it to motivate myself and to take a new step towards a fitter, healthier me.  And I did it!! I will have a think but first of all I want to get back to training hard, eating the Fighter Diet way and continue to learn more about my body and how it reacts to various foods, training styles, rhythms, schedules, and so on.  What I’ve taken from this experience is that it’s the journey that is the rewarding part, not the final “day” you are working towards. That said, I believe it’s important to set short term or long term goals, whether it’s a show, a photo shoot, a date you would like to look particularly smashing for, etc. in order to keep pushing yourself to see how great you can be! I am motivated to getting my online business started for coaching other people about their diet and training and share with them the experiences I’ve had so far.

Today I’m in a daze, feeling happy and relieved it’s over, and one experience richer. I feel lucky to have been privileged enough to be able to stand up there on stage with the other wonderful, beautiful girls and be part of such an amazing event. There’s only one thing to do now and that is to keep on keeping on!! Fight to be fit and fight to be fitter !!


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