This is it!

Well, here we are, ladies and gents – the night before the big day! I am feeling surprisingly calm, although of course very excited, curious, a bit anxious and impatient for the morning to arrive. I doubt I will get much sleep, and I also have to get up super early in the morning, as the show is about a 2 hour drive from me. My husband will join me for support which is nice, and I have about 10 friends planning to come too! I feel great about having all my “ladies” there who have helped me prep for the show; Janet, my stage coach, Cynthia, my first trainer at the gym, Mariana, who designed my suit and of course the very cute and adorable Elise who did my tan and will do my hair and make up tomorrow! As I’m very much not a very “girly girl” (although I love clothes and accessories!) I leave it up to the professionals to handle the esthetics, I am quite happy with how my body looks now, especially after the tan was applied this afternoon – wow what a difference! That being said, what a drag this tan is today – I feel like a delicate flower as I can’t touch or do anything. I already spilled water on my legs and there are two stains, but I will fix it all in the morning as I’m sure these will not be the only ones before I leave tomorrow. Elise said it’s perfectly normal and to not freak out.  Although the color is very different from my natural skin color, I must say I have seen a lot worse and this shade of color is not bad at all, looks as “normal” as it can look I suppose.  I will try to take a few photos tonight but won’t post them until after the show, as I feel sort of like a bride before her wedding – one shouldn’t spoil or jinx anything by being too revealing! 🙂

I had my dinner already, which consisted of a 6 oz grilled chicken breast, 3/4 of a baked sweet potato, green beans, mushrooms and some tomato sauce. Normally I don’t eat starchy carbs at night or after breakfast, but of course tonight is a bit different. My body is looking good – I feel that although I may not be at my lowest weight I am looking full and tight, and hope that continues into the morning and day! I packed my bag already, some of the contents include:

JanTana – color lotion and oil

Extra make-up, hair brush

Scissors, sewing kit

Swimsuits (one for Best Body category, another for Figure)

My shoes, jewelry

Black robe and slip ons for backstage

Food for the day (regular diet) plus some gummy bears right before show

Resistance band to “pump up” before stage

Bikini bite for my bottom

Vaseline for upper lip in case I get the “lip shakes”

Towels, baby wipes, tissues

Clothes for after show – I am going to celebrate with some friends and have WIIINE!! Whether I place or not, and regardless of how I do-  I will celebrate!!

I’m sure I forgot something but I am as ready as they get! I am very happy with how I look even though the judges might not agree I have to remember why I did this – to get healthy, to gain muscle, to get in shape – I’ve accomplished this already and I look forward to the next step and continuing my fight to get even fitter!! Good night all – next time I report back will be on Sunday!! Happy weekend and thanks for all your support! xoxoxox

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