REST – 2 days out!

It was a strange feeling this morning not to go to the gym, the day all of a sudden had a lot more hours! As many of you know, it takes me at least 30 minutes to drive each way to the gym so automatically 2 1/2-3 hours are gone in the morning. Which is fine, I like my ritual, but I can honestly say I had time today to really feel how tired my body is. I don’t think I’ve given it a proper day’s rest for months, trying to overachieve and do more, better, faster because I’m so new at this whole weightlifting game. Trying to compare myself to athletes who have been doing this for years if not decades, wanting to be at their level. Nothing wrong with being an achiever and having big goals, but I also want to give myself a break and understand it’s ok if I don’t look any better than I do right now in 2 days.  So today I went to the salon and got a manicure and pedicure, bought a couple of extra pieces of jewelry and also ran some errands for my business. I am eating a bit more carbs today and cut down on my beloved veggies to try and deflate my stomach a bit – not sure if it’s working yet but hope I will see results in the morning! I feel I’m winging this whole last leg – all I can think of is I want a big glass of red wine on Saturday night!!  I am not dreaming of burgers and fries, I like my healthy life style but I DO look forward to incorporating some wine once or twice  a week on my refeed days.  Trying to focus for just another couple of days.. it definitely gets tougher the closer I get.  Tonight I’m having trout with spaghetti squash – not the wisest choice as I realized trout is classified as an oily fish (like salmon) and pretty fatty but … I didn’t have much fat today, I’ve eliminated nuts from my diet the past few days which really is the only other fat source I get apart from my daily fish oil capsules. I second guess everything I eat now – I should just trust the Fighter Diet is sound proof for getting an awesome body – it has been working so far, so as Pauline says – why fix what’s not broken? I just need to trust the process (thank you Pauline!).

Tomorrow at noon I go tanning with the fabulous Elise, then I will make a couple of last minute errands before I pack my bags, and REST again tomorrow night. I will check back tomorrow with you guys – maybe I will post a picture of my orange self, it depends on how I feel! haha!

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