Spray tan #1!

Today I went for my first spray tan and boy was that wild! I’ve never done it before in a machine, just applied myself, so new experience! I am already pretty dark I think, but apparently this is just the tip of the iceberg, lol! Anyway, these are a couple of condition shots I took today, they are crappy because I can never seem to get the correct view translated on to camera. I feel I look more muscular and veiny than this, perhaps I need to play around with the lighting on the camera, etc. Anyway -here’s vein check on right arm (I’m finally starting to get equal thickness on my left arm too, boy that took a while to kick in)!:

And my legs – I’ve still got some fat it looks like because I have more muscle to gain here. Once the muscles grow bigger I will look less flabby hopefully. I know it’s not going to happen before my show, but… a long term goal to work towards!

I was pretty good today, didn’t have any major cravings – I am feeling a “second wind” coming on now, to just run with this last week and do as well as I can with my diet and also get those last few work outs in. Tomorrow poses a big challenge, as I head in to the city for my dear friend’s wedding – champagne, hors d’ouevres, cake, and more booze.  Will power must set in once again!! Sunday we are cooking for their after party which means more food, but I have decided to have a re-feed day that day so at least I can chow down on some carbs!

7 more days!

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