Impatience and the last few days..

What is it that is supposed to happen the last few days before a show? Whenever I speak to people in the industry, they go “oh well, you are going to look this and that way” and “you will look ripped” etc. I don’t understand this, because I am not doing extreme things from my regular days in order to prepare for the show. I am following Pauline Nordin’s Fighter Diet, which is in itself a pretty ‘perfect’ way of eating for a shredded look and I don’t see much I can improve on. I detest when contestants start doing unhealthy, unnatural things to look a certain way, just to “let loose” and eat crap the day after the show – is this all pretend then? Are they all hating to have to eat a certain way and holding their breath until it’s “over”? I can’t lie and say I’m mentally exhausted from preparing for this show, and in my head I’m also dreaming about certain foods, not to mention WINE. But I’m also feeling a bit of anti-climax because I’ve been waiting for this day for so long, just to have realized throughout my journey that I wasn’t really doing all of this for this ONE day. I love feeling fit and in shape, and being able to feel really happy with myself each and every day. Yes, fitness means that much to me – call me vain! If that means I have to give up certain things, so be it. We all make choices in life, this is mine. That doesn’t mean I won’t continue to enjoy food and wine – I think I have proven so far that you can look pretty decent having the best of both worlds. What I don’t do anymore is indulge in excess. This was my mistake before. Thinking more is better. No, more just collects on your hips, thighs and abdomen! lol.  I can be equally happy with just a taste. Luckily I never crave fats (nut butters, avocados, cheese, etc.) but carbs and sugar… well, that’s another story.  I still don’t think that carrots are a great substitute for nice, crusty country bread or even my beloved graham crackers (yes, strangely I’m addicted to those things!!). But nobody is perfect! 🙂

Back to the last few days before the competition; I don’t know what my expectations are. Like these last few days I’m going to see a dramatic change in my physique? Very unlikely. I’m sick of looking at myself because I can’t see any big improvements from day to day, and I want to stop thinking that I can. This is a process – and luckily it doesn’t end after show day! It is something I can continue to work on for the rest of my life – how’s that for a goal? A ripped, lean 70 year old? Yeah, bring it on!

Pondering these last few months, I am wondering what my body will look like in a year or two, after continuing my regimen of heavy lifting and correct eating. Something to look forward to, as this show is just the beginning of my trip, and I will keep this in mind the last few days as I’m tempted to get restless and impatient!

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