Last day of coaching

Had my last session of coaching before the show today with my stage coach, Janet – and I can finally say I’m starting to become comfortable with the routine I will do.  Ask me again on the day of the show!! I’m sure I will be super nervous, as I’m a perfectionist and always want to do my best and be the best at everything I do.  The difficult part was just distinguishing the few differences between the “Figure” walk and the “Best Body” walk. The latter is more a ‘model strut’ and more relaxed, while figure is more flexing and rigid, but I want to look elegant and relaxed doing both – that is the challenge! From tomorrow on I will practice my routine at least once a day, so that the steps will become second nature on the day of the show and I can focus all my attention on posing and looking my best.  Janet thought I am good to go, and she said she can see my legs coming in, which was great to hear! She also happens to be one of the judges at the show I’m doing, although she won’t be judging my category, for obvious reasons. Regardless, she’s a veteran in the business – I respect her very much and she has been a tremendous help and support throughout my very short experience of prepping for this competition.  She has helped me with references for everything from my suit to hair, make up, tanning and shoes. I got my suit for the “Best Body” category today, now I just have to find some cutlets to stuff the top, lol. One of the only negative things about being so low in body fat is.. the boobs are gone. Sad, but true.

Otherwise I’m getting REALLY sick of looking at myself in the mirror. Some days I feel I look good and I’ve made changes, thinking “I can do this” while other times I feel fat, not ready and wondering what the hell I’m up to. I’ve heard this is normal, so I’ve decided that the reason I got into this in the first place, is the most important: To have fun! I certainly don’t expect to place high – after all, with only 10 months and some change of weightlifting experience, I’m happy to even be able to take part in the show. I’m curious as to whether or not I will like competing; will I love it and get addicted to doing shows, or will I just be happy to have had this one experience and move on to other goals? Only time will tell.

In the mean time, the last few days of intense training, dieting and mental preparation has commenced… oh and tanning is in there somewhere! So far I’ve been white as a sheet, so will be interesting to see what muscles will “pop out” with some color… I’ve preferred staying pale throughout my preparation because your standards become higher I believe, when having more difficulty seeing the definition – you will work harder!! 🙂 Sending out thoughts and much respect to any and all of you who have competed before, this is intense and not easy but what a fun challenge!!

2 thoughts on “Last day of coaching

  1. Good luck Sunny! I am sure you will do great but totally understand having the nerves. I am getting them too as my first race in almost a year is on the 18th, full marathon supposedly NZ “toughest”, hhmmm, it is a road race so not sure what that means after the off road ones.
    Couple of questions, what is with the polygraph test and what kind of tanning are you gonna do, spray, lotion?
    Had to laugh at your no boobs comment as same has happened to me but then for me it is an advantage, less bouncing and chafing. 🙂

  2. Hi Mikaela! Good luck on your race!! That is very exciting! I am sure you will do wonderful! I have to take a polygraph test to prove that I am not doing any drugs (steroid), as this is a drug free and natural body building contest… Although I’ve heard people get away with it anyway and take medicine to make them calm etc. I have no worries, as I would never touch any drugs! I am going to do spray tanning on the day before the show, I will apply some lotion before hand to prepare my very PASTY skin for the pro tan!! 🙂

    Thanks as always for following my blog – good luck with training also!! xxx

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