Arrival in San Francisco

Just thought I’d post a couple of lines as I’m waiting for my bus up to Napa! Sitting at the airport in San Francisco, and I wish I had time to visit the city but not this time around! I went to college in this town, so have a very special relationship with the city, in fact it remains my favorite one in the U.S. after New York. It’s got a very European flair to it, and very different from LA and southern CA. I catch myself still sometimes thinking the “old me” way, where I go “Oh, I’m out traveling, and at an airport- let me go sit down and have a glass of wine!”. I always associated travel and time off with drinking, so strange, but I don’t think I’m alone here. That being said, of course I chose a cup of coffee instead, and I ate my salad that I packed last night from home – with pink salmon and balsamic vinegar! I feel a bit bloated today as I had a mini refeed last night because I know I will be restricting my calories perhaps a bit TOO much this week, not knowing what I will get served and how much time I’ve got to find something to eat. I will be on the go from 7:30am to 10 pm at night, with no apparent breaks, and n lunches and dinners which will be everything BUT fat free or FD approved, guaranteed! So… challenge is coming up! That said, I”m enjoying being here and the weather is gorgeous – will report back when I arrive in Napa and have met my fellow students!

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