Day 2 completed

Woke up a lot softer this morning and 1.6 lbs heavier! At 132.8 lbs today and although I don’t feel “fat”, I don’t feel fit either. I imagine I may have chosen too many simple carbs /simple sugars in my carb loading days, and treated the days more like a re-feed where I normally eat a lot of fast carbs. I don’t feel very ‘clean’ and I’m imagining fat starting to creep up on the side of my tummy.  Although my body seems to have liked the addition, with all the additional veins coming out, I don’t think these two days made a difference, or did much of anything. I thought I maybe would have felt more satisfied, but I was actually HUNGRIER, a feeling I most definitely don’t like!  Didn’t find that I had more energy either, almost on the contrary.  Not sure what to do next, today I’m definitely eating normal and tomorrow morning I’ll be on a plane to San Francisco, on my way to wine country for all of next week.

I’m not posting a photo because it came out looking boring, just a flat tummy like a bikini model, zzzzz….Oh well, one experiment completed, one less to wonder about! I’m off to the farmer’s market now, looking forward to fresh VEGETABLES today !!

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