Day 1…

Reporting back after day 1 of my 2-day carb load. I was STARVING yesterday!! 350 g of carbs is a lot compared to what I eat on average days, but 100 g of protein is NOTHING! I’m used to being able to fill up on protein (my beloved cottage cheese put me over 100 g to 124g so I guess I cheated a little) and I felt deprived, for the first time in weeks. I also ate closer to 400 g of carbs because I was hungry and ate an additional rutabaga, which is my favorite snack on re-feed days. High in carbs but also has decent amounts of fiber.  I also didn’t have my usual amounts of vegetables yesterday (mistake), so I will make sure to add in extra fibrous carbs today.

I’m feeling a bit skinny and weak this morning, weighed in at 131.2 lbs which is about half a pound lower than what I normally weight. But I’m going to load up with a huge bowl of oatmeal and go leg training – squats and lunges are on the menu today! Veins are popping all over my body – my legs now have finally come in a bit and I have a huge vein going from my groin all the way down to my ankle area, yay! I’m so pale that photos don’t really do anything to try to show you guys, but here’s a shot of my tummy this morning:

I’m a bit softer looking up top, where I actually normally have more definition (at least a 4 pack, lol!) so I guess that is the carbs’ fault.. It doesn’t bother me because my ab area is my strongest and I know I’m cut enough there. Let’s see what I look like tomorrow morning, should be interesting after another day of carb loading (starvation??). I’m going to hang in there though, too curious about the effects to blow it!

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