Preparing for yet another trip..

This weekend I’m headed to Napa Valley, CA – for a week of wining and dining with a bunch of wine educators from across the country. Yes, you read correctly – my days will be filled with wine from morning to night, starting at 8 am and finishing probably late at night around 10pm. Mandatory daily lunches and dinners with winemakers etc. that are sure to be filled with tons of bottles of wine. Temptations galore!! Will power? Yes, I’ve got tons of it, but this next week will really put me to the test. The one thing I do miss most of all having adapted to my new, healthy lifestyle – is being able to have a couple of glasses of wine every night with dinner. I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would (in fact, when I first got started I thought I would never be able to go a day without drinking) however it’s one of life’s small pleasures in life that mean a lot to me. What is my solution then to this coming week, being that I am only 3 weeks away from my show?

1.  I will SPIT OUT the wine – I can still taste it and get the experience. This is normal procedure anyway for professionals in the wine industry. SOME wine is bound to get in my system, but I will compensate with eating less and drinking lots of water.

2. I have been able to request special meals through the chefs that are going to prepare our meals. “Easy on the oil/butter” is most important, as a chef myself, I KNOW how much fat goes into a simple meal. Even steamed broccoli is doused in butter – believe it or not!!

3.  I researched the area I’m going to WAY in advance. I’ve found two different gyms – one that is about 0.6 miles from my hotel, and another one about 1.5 miles away. I will walk/run to and from every morning to get extra cardio in to compensate for any additions/changes to my diet.  I have to get up every morning at 4:30/5 am to be able to fit in a decent gym session before my day starts, but luckily it will feel later to me due to the time difference (it will be normal wake up time for me/7:30ish).  There is a farmer’s market two blocks away from my hotel where I can get fresh vegetables and other healthy items.

4. I am bringing oatmeal and wheat bran to fill up with a great breakfast, my vitamins, protein powders, supplements, etc. as well as a cooler bag where I will keep healthy snacks (read: vegetables) that I will bring along every day so I don’t get ravenous. We all know we make poor choices no matter how strong willed we are, if we are super hungry. My weapon will be to fill up on veggies so I don’t get a chance to get those bad hunger pangs (that’s when my brain says :Give me carbs NOW!!).

5. Most importantly: I will ENJOY myself and not focus on the fact that I can’t gorge on all kinds of food, but be happy that I’m able to go on this trip and learn new things. I will not give power to any temptations – they are only short lived, and I never feel good after I give into them, so will keep this in mind.  Feeling fit, looking good and being able to wear whatever I feel like wearing tastes a LOT better!! That being said, life is more than just dieting and being worried about a show: I’m going to watch my food, be sure I get work outs in and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!

One thought on “Preparing for yet another trip..

  1. I know I too love being able to wear anything from my closet and they fit but the most satisfaction I am getting is being able to look at myself in the mirror and not go eeewwww, instead not bad which is a HUGE step for me. Also, changing my diet has forced me to cook and eat healthier, as before I always went for the quickest meal, mostly pasta or cheese sandwich if I was so lazy I couldn’t bother even cooking the pasta. As a result I have even more energy am less tired and feel healthier. I do find myself getting a bit bored with the food so am trying new things, I made watercress & tofu dumplings the other day and they were yummy! But yeah, overall not hard staying away from bad food when you feel so much better.

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