One month!

Sorry I’ve been gone from the blog for the past week or so – last week really kicked my butt work wise, but was definitely an eye opener and a challenge when it came to watching my diet and routine, being sure I ate at regular intervals when busy feeding 50 people day and night, working 19 hour days AND trying to fit in time at the gym was definitely not easy. I did ok, lost a pound but ate too many carbs and not enough food. That being said – I’m glad to be back to a relatively “normal” week this week. Yesterday I went through shoulders and abs, today was butt and hamstrings. I am following Pauline’s advice, not doing much cardio (only 3 days a week for 20 minutes), so I’ve replaced my steep walking /running on treadmill and stepmill warm up with sport specific warm ups instead. For upper body work outs I do the butterfly, lying on my stomach (video below) and rotator cuff related warm up exercises, and lower body I do a lot of leg raises (I hate them but I do them!).  Leg raises reminds me of how much I need to work on my flexibility, so can get a bit frustrating but I have incorporated more stretching into my daily routine.  Tomorrow is back, and I have several exercises I’ve either improved upon or added since my visit to Venice and Pauline. I love that I now have learned correct form and know that I will maximize my work outs!  With less than 5 weeks to go to my show, I’m mostly anxious about my lower body – I still am pretty skinny there, but can see some hamstrings and quads slowly poking out, hopefully even more so when I get that ridiculous tan on, lol!

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