I can’t recall if I told everyone but my suit has been purchased for the show! I feel I shouldn’t take a picture of it and post it – much like you shouldn’t show your wedding dress to your husband before the big day, I’m not sure why! But I’m happy with the color and design, not sure how I feel about how great it looks on ME, but that is me being critical and I always have looked at myself with a microscopic eye.  I have a second suit for the “Best Body” division which I will also be competing in (in addition to “figure”) which is much more basic but I do feel comfortable in it.  I also have purchased shoes and jewelry, very simple stuff, nothing that will overshadow or seem obnoxious.  Tanning, hair and make up will be done by the fabulous Elise Firestone, whom I can’t wait to meet – her work looks amazing and can’t wait to be beautified by her! Now I suppose I will have to choose some music and I am meeting with my stage coach again, Janet Marsico, in a couple of weeks for the last minute touch ups. I have been practicing my t-walk, still not sure I”m doing it correctly, it’s also confusing because there are two different routines for “figure” and “best body”, and to be honest I’ve just focused on training hard and eating right, but now that time is closing up I will need to get more disciplined here!  I just want to look and feel comfortable on stage, not having to worry about the steps, but rather focus on looking great and posing well.
I go up and down where I have days where I don’t think I’m ready and think everyone looks better, to other times when I feel confident that I can at least measure up to some of the contestants. I guess it’s normal to feel this – my goal this whole time has not been to compete for a prize, but to compete for MYSELF, to say I’ve had the experience and who knows – if I love it, maybe I’ll do it again! In the mean time, I have a LOT of visits to do at the gym, and more temptations food wise to resist… stay tuned!

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