Challenging Week

This week is already turning into a nightmare work wise. I am catering a photo shoot all week, doing breakfast and lunch for 30 + people , up at 6 am and not finishing work until 11 pm (prepping for the following day). I am not complaining, as I have dreamt about being busy like this for months, having just started my own company with my husband, but at the same time I am feeling stressed and a bit out of control. I did go to the gym this evening – strange for me, as I normally like to work out during the morning hours. But the work outs have to be done, and I’m sticking to my diet also, even though I’m surrounded by food 24/7. Did shoulders today, and I felt a bit melancholic, missing my work outs from last week with Pauline, while I was repeating what she taught me. I am staying away from cardio this week, as I’m on my feet running around all day anyway – and I’m doing sport specific warm ups instead of my usual run/walk on the treadmill or stepmill.  So started with 90 degree rotary cuff exercises, lying on the bench – my left arm is much weaker there than the right, thus harder to keep the 90 degree angle straight up and down. Then I did lateral raises lying down up against the wall holding a 5 lb plate, really gets the rear delts also.  Seated and standing overhead shoulder presses – both arms simultaneously and then single arm, followed by another rotator cuff exercise, lying on stomach on bench with elbows lifted at 90 degrees, rotating arms. Tougher than it sounds and I can really feel the connection both in my shoulders and back, great!  I have attached a video of the latter exercise for your viewing 🙂

Tomorrow is glutes and hamstrings, hope that a lot of energy will come my way this week -I’m going to need it, only 5 weeks left  until my competition now, eeek!!

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