Back in NY

Came back to NYC early this morning (3 am), and am EXHAUSTED, but in a very good way. The week in LA went by so quickly, and I’m sitting here left full with impressions.  The experience working out with Pauline was almost surreal, like it never happened – but my body is definitely telling me otherwise! I don’t know where to begin blogging about my experience, so I will just start slowly – I need to catch up on some sleep, and I have a full week next week of work/breakfast and dinners I need to cater every single day, which is good because after this I need to make some money!

Pauline was kind enough to film me during one of my workouts when we focused on my back, and I’m leaving you with a clip here to get you started. I promise to post more of the clips on the blog (I have a lot!) and here’s also a photo of me and Pauline! She is so cute! And not only beautiful on the outside, but, more importantly – also on the inside. She is a wealth of knowledge, she pushes you while at the same time makes you feel at ease. I felt so comfortable around her and it was as if I had known her forever! She will definitely remain my guru and I am now working on convincing her to live in NYC at least part of the year! Let’s see 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back in NY

  1. It”s not too often that a person gets the chance to meet and learn from the person that influences them the most. It’s so worth the time and the money because the experience is priceless. Watching your clips really show the strength and definition you have developed, and after working hard (as in Pauline HARD) this past week, I’m sure your training is about to go to the next level… Go Sunny Go!

  2. That is very true Elizabeth, thank you! It was truly one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had and you are so right – this is something you can’t put a price tag on! 🙂

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