Hitting every muscle group

Just finished with day 2 of my week training with Pauline, and I must say it’s definitely everything I had hoped for so far! Yesterday we did legs (glutes and hamstrings), and today we went through shoulders and back. My legs are feeling the work out from yesterday in areas I never even thought had muscles (lol) and that is a great sign!  Working out 2 hours in a row is not as difficult as I thought it would be, because I’m just sucking up every piece of information Pauline gives me and I get so much energy from being around her. It baffles my mind how much she knows about training, and how attentive, observing and informative she is.  What an amazing trainer, I wish she lived in NY (working on making her at least bi-coastal:-)  so I could work out with her every week!! She notices EVERY little detail, nothing escapes her eyes, so it really makes me strive to do the best I can – not just for every exercise, but every set, down to every single repetition. It’s about perfecting my form, not about loading up on weights (although we will do that too later in the week), learning how I can hit every  muscle in the body in different ways, and that way create and shape a super fit body. What I like is she incorporates a lot of sport specific warm ups, prehab exercises and stretching, which she emphasizes is just as important as the actual body of the workout.  Yesterday I was sweating just from the warm up!

So inspiring to be at Gold’s Gym as well, where I’m surrounded by amazing athletes who take their work outs as seriously as I do.  There is some sort of photo shoot every single day with a body builder, and today I saw Hidetada Yamagishi of Gaspari Nutrition, his first day back in the gym after being injured for some weeks! Room after room with tons of machines, free weights and equipment, and loads of interesting personalities. I can definitely feel the energy and that I am among people on a mission! I’m probably still experiencing a bit of culture shock, finding the experience somewhat surreal still.  I love that I am able to do this week and have been so fortunate to come across an incredible person like Pauline. If I could be half as inspiring to someone as she is to me, I would be forever happy!

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