Venice Beach!

Well, I finally arrived to the bodybuilder’s mecca!! Just about two hours ago to be exact… it’s so strange to be in LA without any ‘business” to attend to – and to not be staying in West Hollywood at one of the hippest hotels…. Training session with Pauline in 2 hours, so I better get ready!! Just wanted to let you guys know. I am staying at a small motel on the boardwalk of Venice Beach, very modest and not at all the luxury I am used to (haha) but what don’t we Fighter Diet chicks do to better our bodies!! Off to Whole Foods after my session to stock up for the week, and then meeting a friend from Norway tonight who lives here in LA and works as a doctor – haven’t seen her since college, dare I say – 15 years ago!! Should be a fun day! Will report back and hopefully also have some photos!

One thought on “Venice Beach!

  1. Go Sunny Go!
    And, “modest” motels ensure that you are out and about more than chilling in the room…

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