Bod check

I’m on day 4 of 2300 calories now – here’s what my body looks like after 300 calories more of carbs per day:

I will continue this regimen until Friday and see what happens. Because of the heat wave that is currently raging in NYC, I do feel that I am retaining a bit extra water, so I am about 2 lbs heavier since the weekend but my body feels really solid and tight so not worried. Let’s see what happens Friday – hopefully good things, and maybe a re-feed on Saturday? Then I’ll be 7 weeks out – the show is creeping up on me really fast!

2 thoughts on “Bod check

  1. Hey!
    Been following your blog, as I’m doing the Fighter Diet too.. it’s been a really interesting read and an invaluble source of inspiration for me!
    Just wanted to say thanks, and keep working hard!

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